Vtalkie is world’s first crossplatform video messaging app Available on iOS, Android and Windows phone

Vtalkie provides push-to-talk video or text messages with instant delivery combined with simple interface and highly convenient search of friends via social profiles, lookaround function and opportunity to send e-mails or sms invitations to contacts from address book. Vtalkie is aimed at simplifying everyday communication. It offers another approach to sharing and keeping in touch with friends and family. Instead of typing and forwarding content or attaching photos from your phone, you could just record a short video with a voice message and send it in one click.

Users have a choice between videos, stickers and text comments, depending on what is more convenient at that particular time. Videos and messages are saved in the dialogue, in such a way users can always check a video message later, when they have a chance. Funny and emotional stickers help to make communication more personal.

Vtalkie. Keep playing. Keep sharing.